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Where do you ship to?

Fungal Friend can only ship within Canada.


How long does it take to get my order?

Due to high volume of orders, it can take 7-10 days to process your order.


Do you provide tracking?

Yes, we provide tracking for all of our shipments via Canada Post.


Is your packaging discreet?

Yes! No need to worry.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of taking a very small dose, often 5%-10% of a normal “trip” dose of a psychedelic substance. This dose is designed to be sub-perceptual, you will not trip, hallucinate, or feel high, but you should feel a “glow.” For example, in our Reset capsules, we use 100 mg of Vancouver Island grown golden teacher psilocybin mushrooms. A trip dose of mushrooms for a person of average height and weight is approximately 2 grams.


Why should you microdose?

Microdosing is being used to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and to combat the effects of PTSD, addiction, and various mood disorders. We highly recommend this article in VOGUE if you’re interested in learning more. A microdose “glow” can include feelings of enhanced and more frequent creativity, flow state, energy, productivity, focus, and feelings of empathy to name a few. Who doesn’t love feeling more productive?!


Is psilocybin legal?

Under the CDSA, activities with magic mushrooms, psilocybin and psilocin, such as sale, possession, and production, are illegal unless authorized by Health Canada.


Will I get high?

It is highly unlikely that you will feel high after taking one capsule. To achieve this sensation, we recommend taking 4-5 Shine capsules at once.


Can you overdose on psilocybin?

Physical overdose cannot occur from taking psychedelic mushrooms. However, taking too many mushrooms may result in a bad trip.


Is psilocybin safe?

Yes, psilocybin is one of the safest substances out there. Psilocybin is considered to have extremely low toxicity, and cases of death have been extremely rare.


Is psilocybin addictive?

Psilocybin is not considered to be addictive, nor does it cause compulsive use.


Can I mix it with prescription medication?

Psilocybin might increase a brain chemical called serotonin. Some medications also have this effect. Taking psilocybin along with these medications might increase serotonin too much. This might cause serious side effects including heart problems, seizures, and vomiting.


How long until I see results?

The mental health benefits of Rise capsules may take up to three weeks. You will notice the effects of Glow and Shine within 30 minutes to an hour of ingesting the capsule. Please note, that everyone is different and results may vary by person.


Will your products keep me awake?

Microdosing may have similar effects to caffeine. Sensitivities may vary.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

All of our products are sourced locally within British Columbia.


Are your products all-natural?

Yes, all of our products are natural and sourced from the west coast of British Columbia.


Is the packaging sustainable?

Yes, our bags are made with compostable materials.

Is there a difference between drinking mushroom tea and injesting capsules?

Yes, mushroom teas are likely to kick in much faster and stronger than our capsules.


Will mushroom teas make me feel sick?

Taking psilocybin in tea form is much less likely to make your feel nauseous, compared to eating raw mushrooms or even taking capsules.


Will one cup get me high, or do I need to drink the whole pot?

One cup of Magic Mint, our macrodose tea, will very likely get you high. We recommend sharing a pot with a friend!

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