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20 capsules per bag (2 months supply)

Our Rise capsules are the perfect mushroom microdose for beginners looking to incorporate microdosing into their regular weekly routine. Made with a small amount of psilocybe and other all-natural ingredients, Rise capsules work behind the scenes to improve your mental well-being by decreasing anxiety, minimizing feelings of depression, boosting energy, and enhancing clarity. Each pack of Rise contains two months’ worth of microdoses, which are meant to be taken every third day in the morning. For more information on how to microdose, see below or visit the HOW TO MICRODOSE page.


We suggest a simple routine for microdosing with our Rise or Bright capsules. Start on a day when you don’t have to work to ease any first-day jitters. These doses are super low, so you won’t feel anything psychedelic. Take one capsule every third day for four weeks, then take a week off. For extra support, we recommend taking the provided support capsule alongside your microdose. Support capsules are packed with non-psilocybin ingredients that can provide your brain and body with added health benefits on the days you’re not taking the microdose capsule.


Psilocybe, also known as magic mushrooms, contains psilocybin, a psychoactive compound that can produce altered states of consciousness. Research suggests that psilocybin may have potential therapeutic benefits for various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Additionally, psilocybin has been shown to have a low risk of physical dependence or addiction and may be a useful tool for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Ginseng is a popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine used for thousands of years for its potential health benefits. It can be found in our Rise and Glow psilocybin microdose capsules. It is known for its adaptogenic properties, which may help the body cope with stress and promote overall well-being. Additionally, ginseng has been studied for its potential effects on improving cognitive function, boosting energy levels, and reducing inflammation.

Reishi, also known as Lingzhi mushroom, is shown to have several potential health benefits, including boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and improving liver function. You can find this ingredient in our Rise psilocybin microdose capsule. Additionally, some studies suggest that reishi may have antioxidant properties, help reduce fatigue, and improve sleep quality.

Cordyceps is a type of fungus that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is a rich source of antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, cordyceps has been studied for its potential benefits on athletic performance, respiratory health, and may even have potential anti-cancer properties.


Rise Support contains 40 capsules, which include all of the same ingredients without the psilocybin. This is because the body develops a tolerance to psilocybin if taken daily, which may have an impact on the benefits. However, ginseng, reishi, and cordyceps can be taken every day.











Rise capsules are comparable to your standard everyday vitamin and/or supplement. Like probiotics or Vitamin C, our Rise microdose mushroom capsules are meant to be taken once every three days in the morning to maintain a healthy mental lifestyle. With such a small amount of psilocybin, there is no chance of feeling any physical body high. Instead, Rise capsules will help you to feel less anxious throughout the week and improve your mental performance. These psilocybin microdose capsules will also work to strengthen your immune system, decrease inflammation, and regulate your blood sugar levels. Check out our resource here for more information on taking Rise capsules with other prescription medication.  We also offer Rise Support capsules at Fungal Friend for the days between dose days. These pills contain Reishi, Cordyceps, and Ginseng with no psilocybin so as to keep your body healthy every day without impacting the flow of the psilocybin schedule. Shop Rise Support capsules here and shop Canadian microdoses online here. 

customer REVIEWS

Jenna H. –
Verified Customer 
I have not done anything like this before but thought I would give it a try. Let’s just say it was life changing and I will be placing another order asap!!!

Cameron –
Verified Customer 
After two weeks, I began feeling more calm and way happier! AMAZING!!(I am taking rise and the support capsules)

Daniel –
Verified Customer 
Long story short: if you’re thinking about trying Fungal Friend, I cannot recommend enough. This is my first actual step into the world of micro-dosing, after a few months of research and interest. To start, I got the Rise packet and decided to follow the Fadiman Protocol (3 day rotation). I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so I kept a running log over the days to track how felt. Obviously it affects everyone differently, but the most notable results were in my energy levels and ability to focus; I wouldn’t say I noticed a spout of creativity, but I felt wide awake from the moment I woke up until I had to go to bed, with none of the brain-fog I had grown accustomed to. The other thing that I noticed (I struggle a bit to put this into words), I would describe as “mental clarity”. Let me note that there are absolutely no “high” feelings, but I’ve noticed that I am thinking about things in more of a birds-eye-view way. For example, little things in my relationship that used to bug me, I noticed I now take a moment to re-think the situation and just evaluate the situation from a broader lens, and am able to let things go. This factors into the final big theme/outcome, which is general overall increase in my mood and happiness. With regards to the Fadiman Protocol, I highly recommend it for beginners; I certainly noticed the first-day effects and second-day “glow”, and appreciate the third-day coming back to my “baseline”. I’m looking forward to continued use and trying out Glow as a next step. Thank you, Fungal Friend!

Katelyn –
Verified Customer 
My mind is inundated with random thoughts and issues that prevent me from being able to focus on what I need to do at any given moment. I tried both “Rise” and “Glow” and I must say that while I can go about my day, when I stop for a moment and think, I realize that my mind is free from the debilitating thoughts that have consumed me. It allows me to focus on the things I need to do and I have the energy to accomplish so much. Definitely a product that I will use.

Cole –
Verified Customer 
I purchased rise. If you’re new to shrooms and are scared how a trip will affect you, I totally recommend rise. It’s true, you only notice how rise working in the background.

Michelle –
Verified Customer 
I’m super new to this and so far really happy I made the decision to try micro-dosing with Rise. Only a week and a half in, and I already feel a different kind of calm and contentment everyday. My sleep has improved and my anxiety is definitely down. I’m interested to see how the full journey plays out over the next month or so. I was recommended by my neighbour and I’ve already passed on the recommendation to others. I will be a repeat customer! Ps – the process to purchase was so smooth and easy!

Cait –
Verified Customer 
It’s been a really great, subtle way to manage my high functioning anxiety.

Shawna –
Verified Customer 
I have not really noticed any major differences after the first week, but I do feel like I am less in my head since I started taking them. I will keep taking and see what happens.

Imogen –
Verified Customer 
Great product. Has really helped me with anxiety issues that I’ve always had. Improved mood swings and generally made me feel good! I tried the glow and rise. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth S. –
Verified Customer 
No joke, I’ve been so much less stressed since taking my Rise and rise support capsules. Like obviously things stress me out here and there, but I find my brain doesn’t wander down spirally paths anymore. I feel chill and ready to take on every day.

Jane –
Verified Customer 
I have taken these every third morning with my other vitamins. I definitely feel like my brain fog has cleared up and I am feeling much more in the present moment! 

Stephanie M. –
Verified Customer 
Rise has changed my life! I have noticed a complete shift in my attitude, energy, clarity, and overall mental health.

Amanda –
Verified Customer 
Two weeks in and I’m officially a believer! Was super hesitant cause shrooms and microdosing sounded super “woo-woo” to me but the difference in my mood is very noticeable.

Melissa –
Verified Customer 
This is my first time microdosing and after a ton of online research, I decided to try the Rise capsules from FF. I’ve only had 2 so far (one every 3 days) but I felt really good and creative. I was able to get tasks done that I’ve been pushing off for weeks, the boost in productivity was awesome. I struggle with anxiety so I’m really excited to see where this goes! I will likely buy the glow capsules next to try out a slightly stronger dose.

Megan –
Verified Customer 
Loved the products so much. Great customer service too when I had questions about the checkout process they answered on IG and made me feel more confident in the process! Thank you!

Seth –
Verified Customer 
I am a much more positive person since I found these capsules. I am officially a microdose advocate now, I am telling everyone to try it haha

Ivan –
Verified Customer 
Maybe it’s placebo but I’ve been taking these and I feel good so I’ll take it hahah

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